Nursing Meeting Votes To Join action on the 24th

All staff and students should get involved by attending the organising meeting at 5pm this Thursday in the Guild Council Chambers or by taking action on Saturday the 24th.

On Friday I was invited to attend a meeting of Nursing staff and students to discuss the future of their course. I was amazed that 70 people sacrificed their Friday afternoon to come to the meeting and the passion displayed in the room; despite the fact that the Nursing review has not even been published yet.

The Nursing department has been under review for the last three years; putting staff under constant stress of being made redundant and meaning that they have been unable to hire any new staff or make strategic plans. During this time a number of the existing staff have left and facilities supposed to be for nursing students have been taken by other departments.

Learning from the experience of previous course closures the meeting decided that a campaign should be started as soon as possible rather than waiting for the outcome of the review.  The campaign will be holding weekly meetings on Thursday at 5pm.

The meeting also voted to back the action originally called by the Save the IAA campaign against the University open day on the 24th. They are calling for students and staff across the university, not just those at immediate risk, to come to the meeting and take action next week.

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