Ouch that’s a nasty cut, that might not heal.

Tomorrow at the academic policy and regulation committee, the university are passing a regulatory change that is essentially in my mind a “cut” to a course. This cut I fear will affect MSc students on computing, electronics and communications.

This change means that a student who fails their project will no longer have the right to resit their project. The reasoning behind this is phrased by the university as “this will spare staff time in the need to supervise project work for weak students”. So essentially this is cost saving exercise.

We should ask who these “weak” students are. There is fair chance that they may actually be “strong” students, many will be gifted a talented. There are many reasons why we fail, many don’t get the time to work adequately while supporting themselves finically and disabilities, often hidden, can prevent a successful completion.

on these courses if this project is failed, then the entire degree is failed, a degree that from next year will cost £9000 a year. With this change a student’s investment in their degree for reasons beyond their control could be lost.

This change will affect the following programs.

MSC in communications engineering & MSC in communications engineering and networks

MSC in satellite and mobile communications

MSC in communication networks

Msc in Radio frequency engineering

MSC in Microwave engineering

MSC in electromagnetic sensor networks

MSC in electronic and computer engineering

MSC in embedded networks

MSC in embedded systems

MSC in interactive digital media

I think it is clear we need to show the university broad opposition from the student body to this cut.

Can people from the relevant courses sign the below letter? 

Dear APRC,

We are writing because we are concerned about the withdrawal of the ability of students on our courses to resit their project. This change means if we fail our project them we will fail our degrees. We feel rather than letting failing students go because they are “weak” students, the university should instead do more to support them.

Students fail their project for many reasons often financial issues, problems at home or disabilities. Many of these problems can’t be proven in mitigations panels and often disabilities go unrecognised.

We ask instead of losing the ability to resit that better measures are put in place in supervise students in their resits, to support them in what might be a difficult period for them.

We hope to hear from your soon


to put your name on the letter contact me

on one of the following

Direct line: 0121 251 2336

Mobile: 07988056867

E-Mail: e.bauer@guild.bham.ac.uk

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